Few words, many photos

18-28/11 2021

It has been a while since I last wrote. The reason was another very difficult visit to the doctor. It made me break again…

18/11 a tough day at the hospital
Outside the bus window on the way home. A soothing view…

I’ve had to slow down since then and take every day very consciously calmly and slowly recover although not yet fully. I won’t write so much in today’s diary. Instead, I’ll post pics I’ve taken in recent weeks so here we go ♥️

Candle lighting with Eulalia ♥️
Late evening walk among all the hundreds of lit candles in the cemetery on all saints day 🕯
🍂With my father, Dr Brandt 🍂 Don’t mind me, I look horribly mean!
My daughter cleaning, to invite Christmas into our kitchen 🌟
Before the leaves fell…
Grocery shopping day 🍂
And ofcourse little Dwight went along
When we got home from the chilly walk, Eulalia served fresh plum cakes she had baked earlier. So delicate, they actually melted in our mouths
We’re adopting a new and very gentle cat who’s master passed away. So our family has now been expanded with a wonderful (and big) playmate to Dwight. He’s called Sigge and is SO curious. He has a lovely personality ♥️
Our new family member

This is enough for today dear diary xx