Early bird in its nest

Sunday 16/1-22

The early bird…

2 am in the darkness by the window I made my Officium Lectionis (time prayer) . It takes about 15 minutes, 15 lovely minutes. A routine that fills my whole being with a warm warm love for life. For the flow of life, for the source of life and gratitude for the rings we get to create on the surface on the waters of life itself.

To see these rings touch other rings, to reach others. That’s what it’s all about … leading, and letting ourselves be led.

~ ~ ~

Oatmeal & coffee and then a nap before

50 pleasant minutes of

Ashtanga yoga ♥️

Yoga is health beneficial in many ways. Combine the morning routine with a, on an empty stomach, glass of warm lemon water and the result will be even better.

~ ~ ~

Unlike some other Christians, I see no wrong with exercising with the help of yoga. To me it means something very beneficial to all parts of who I am. Where yoga has its roots or who started yoga practices. How and when has no meaning to me. I use the Ashtanga method because it is very healthy for both physique and psyche. As it makes your body stronger, more agile and flexible. It also increases both blood circulation and the oxygen level in the blood. I love the knowledge and the feeling of how I can give all this to my body just by focused breathing and body movements.

~ ~ ~

The ashtanga summarizes a number of different purposes and in different groups that when combined form a unit. Two of these goes by the name Yama and Niyama

Five principles about how you behave towards others, the outside world. To not using force, telling the truth, not stealing, being moderate and not being greedy.

Five principles of how you are towards yourself, your inner world. By cleanliness, contentment, self-discipline, study and trust.

All in all, a true treat to every aspect of a human being. Qualities that do not in any way oppose a Christian life.

~ ~ ~

At 10 me and my daughter put on our dresses and got ready for church. She doesn’t wear the same kind of clothing as I do. She’s young and dresses youthfully 🌸

I like a lot and prefer the Pentecostal services which are warm and full of life, but today we visited another church, the Swedish Church. Which is just outside our house. Their sermons are more like a ceremony where Pastor and sometimes a church host speak and lead but people sit quiet unless there’s a psalm.

I really can not keep a tone but it is wonderful nonetheless, to sing hymns with others. To light candles and to pray for those who ask for intercession. To mention and remember parishioners who have recently passed away.

Sunday devotional

~ ~ ~

To me it’s more important that my daughter (as we go together) receive what speaks to her, the more liturgical part of church life. Than what it is for me to experience what I find in the Pentecostal church. I meet our Lord in my prayers and readings many times every day. And by the time prayers I am in fellowship with people from all around the world. As we all unite in the same prayers that take place around the clock, all year round. People who are living their lives either inside monasteries or outside in the world, as I do. There’s always time for the prayers to be read somewhere in the world

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile back at home on the stove a pot filled with lima beans together with chickpeas and yellow peas was simmering for what would become four nice jars of hummus. I season it with tahini, garlic and fresh lemon.

Daily bread

So much delicious and healthy food at almost no cost at all. Spread this on rye bread and top with a handful of home-grown mung bean sprouts.

Or just put it on a plate together with your own microgreens and you have a complete meal 💕

Yes, I still belong in the kitchen

In my house dress

In my apron


I bid you a good afternoon xx