This is the housewife diary. Enjoy

So here it is! My first ever blog post ✨

Welcome. This is my warm up. Merely a stretch before the real thing begins. So hold on and stay curious as this blog will talk about the intriguing matters of wanting to be a good, soft and obedient housewife without being nothing like a door mat. It’s about the freedom of choice, freedom of equality, and the absolute right as a human and woman to choose ones own life. I’ll write alot about the art of making magic in day to day life with not very high means at all. I happens to be a master in the subject. So hang on while we try this out, below, with a slower first warm-up post. The upcoming will be more intriguing 😉

So here we go, slow… I really enjoy mondays, they are calm and in some way they feel longer than other days. In none other way than good 😊 it means more time for me to do alot and still have time for reading and writing. I woke up early at 5, as I do most every day. I like the calm and tranquility a soft dark morning only can bring. A time for lighting candles in my window and for a seat in my favourite corner of the kitchen sofa. In my mind this days agenda promised I’d make this weeks bread. As I prefer homemade before industrial made. And offcourse so do the rest of my family. I’m the kind of person who likes kneading for about 20 minutes and today I made my first ever attempt of making a knead free bread 😃 it felt rather strange just moving around flour, milk etc with just a wooden spoon. And that is 2 kilos of flour soo it’s pretty a heavy dough 😅. Enough about bread. I love spending time washing everyones clothes. We’re 5 persons at home. I wash, dry, iron and fold everything we use. So that’s how I first started today. Once the first machine was going I turned on the old radio show ”A date with Judy” it’s from the 40’s and it just setts me in a good and productive mood. Braught a small cup of coffee into my room and began my feminine morning ritual. I’ll talk anout that in an upcoming post. I chose a colourful light blue cotton dress with a yellow lemon print. As i am pretty central in our family i always put care to my appearance. My own mind setting and if I look fresh and bright is actually a very big deal. Offcourse I also put on an apron. What’s a housewife without an apron? and today I chose one for more neat housework. Before the clock turned 9 in the morning floor were swept, carpets beaten, bathroom cleaned, I had also emptied the dishwasher, refilled it and washed about four machines of laundry. Everything to make home a well organized, relaxing, loving, pleasant, calm and warm environment. Believe me. If to be done genuinly, which is the only alternative, it is unquestionably a full-time job and more than that. Amen

2 reaktioner på ”This is the housewife diary. Enjoy

  1. Oh! So happy I found your blog! Looks like we have a lot in common 🙂 If I have to pick one thing I like the most it would most likely be doing laundry… or doing dishes… or baking bread… or… Can’t wait to read all your other posts!

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