His masculinity makes me thrive

From now on i’ll write regularly. And for now, today, dressed in my comfy cotton home dress, i woke my youngest son. Put on some coffee and packed his lunch. Thereafter i and my Mister had breakfast together in the kitchen sofa whilst listening to soft jazz. I think that is our one most loved furniture in the whole house 😅. I had some ironing to do (which i love). It’s so cozy and i know excactly why i feel that way. I’ll get back to why in a different post. As the Corona virus keeps spreading Mister decided we should continue our stocking of groceries. It’s so delightful to do things like shopping together i think. He is a true Gentleman. Very caring and generous, always carrying the heavy things, opens the door for me etc. It’s so easy to feel feminine alongside him and that makes it a pleasure even to do the ordinary things we do in day to day life. I believe in the principle of putting a spark to everything i do and in small easy ways. It can be everything from wearing cute indoor shoes while cleaning, serving coffee at three o clock in the afternoon which is an old swedish tradition which not many follows these days. But i like it, things just like that makes a warm home. Picking spring flowers an putting them in a vintage vase in the windows in every family members room. Walking the dog down to the sea and watch her swim while we’re having coffee on a bench and so on. All things that makes life as beautiful as it can be by putting one ingredient into it. Love. Not money, love. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Today it’s Thursday and as another tradition says it’s the day for yellow pea soup with smoked pork and mustard. Served with a glass of punsch and thereafter pancakes for dessert. Luckily today I’ve made another round of strawberry jam 😅 and will serve the pancakes with it and some whipped cream. When I arranged all our groceries in the kitchen cabinets I had my oldest son and daughter ( he’s 20 and she is 19) in the sofa and they where both in a very good mood and eager to chat which is nice. A simple good time together while doing ordinary things. Then i noticed the cookies i made just a couple of days ago almost had run out! That is SO strange as no one has eaten any if i ask them! I had to make new ones, and used the jam i made some days ago as it’s much thicker than the one i made today and therefore easier to bake with. Though i ”didn’t taste one” 😉 i know they’re delicious and it smells so good right now. I promise to write the recipe in an upcoming post. Until then, I wish you a good evening! xxx

Happy wife happy life 🎀


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