Creating your feminine haven

O how important it really is having your own space for recreation. A place completely of your own no matter how small it may be.

Remember: it does’nt even need to be an entire room. Your own space can be created wherever there’s a little room perhaps in a corner of your kitchen, livingroom or bedroom etc. For maybe an armchair, a small table, some books. A flower or a candle and you’re set. And o God is it rewarding 💗. Cause now when you’re relaxed (yes love i know it can be hard and take some time to get there, don’t give up) and has this place of your own. Even maybe a system, if that’s something you find to be necessary, that makes it clear to everyone how much, or even if at all, you can be disturbed whilst you’re in your own feminine little haven. You’ll be a happier, well rested and refreshed wife. As the heart of the family you are so important.

As the flight attendant says ”always put on your own oxygen mask before you start helping others. As if you get unconscious you can’t help anyone else.

I havn’t always had a big space for myself at all. Instead i have as written above created my own little corner and made it really cozy with simple means. Not big but o it was my own. Though! Last summer we organized our home and freed up enough space for me to have a room of my very own. My dream of many years came true. I’m so grateful for this. And in the same time if we will ever need it i’d change it without hesitation.

And for now it’s time for bed! hopefully also for an entire night of deep beauty sleep. Lord knows i need it…😴😉


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