Self-care and strange times

I’m a devoted advocate for self care. Care that works well for me as a housewife. 

I have my routines and offcourse they’re different now from when my kids were young. This morning though i woke up early about 4 am and thaught this was a perfect moment to do it. ”lovely i think i’ll do different today” i sneaked into the kitchen still in my night gown and had a little plan of taking my breakfast alone with a blanket and a candle in my beloved kitchen sofa. Ha ha i wish! Mister woke up and longed for his morning coffee. That didn’t change my plan significant, i made breakfast for two, first his and then my own as we don’t prefer the same kind. I lit a candle, the only light we used in the kitchen. 

I were just about to boil some eggs for myself when our youngest came down the stairs. Oh alright i made breakfast for him aswell. He likes sandwich with fried eggs, three. While i made them our daughter very sleepy entered the kitchen wrapped in her blanket (she’s 19) sat down on the floor and obviously thaught this morning gathered in the kitchen was soo cozy 💗. How could i not make her breakfast too? So two sandwiches with home made strawberry jam and cheese. Then i even made the boiled chicken for our dog Denji. She has a tumour in her stomach and can only eat this kind of food to keep her feeling well.
By the time everyone finished their breakfast and i’d cleaned up after making it to them, only Mister was still in the kitchen. I shared a moment with him in the sofa and yes i finally ate my own breakfast 😊
Packed his lunch and another sandwich in his lunch bag. Hugged him goodbye. Took out the kitchen carpets for a good beating and swept the floor. It was now 6 in the morning.
The teenagers finds it a bit hard with this quarantine situation and not going to school. Though i think they handle it really well and their studying continue as home schooling which they manage mostly on their own. This night though, all three of them where up all night and did not fall asleep untill now. I did’nt now as i went to bed early. Today i’ll have to disturb their sleep and wake them up after about six ours of sleep to help them turn this around. That wont be pleasant for them but showing love and careing for others comes in many forms doesn’t it? 
Back to the importance of self-care. This morning turned out very different then the one i had in mind. None the less it also turned out to be a much pleasant morning. Really cozy with everyone in the sofa and on the floor. Even the dog and the cat joined us. 
Such a warm moment that gave me (and them) so much more than ”on my own self-care” could ever bring.


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