My own feminine morning ritual

Most people have their rituals for different things in daily life. Rituals which are used for creating some certain kind of state of the mind. Happines, calm, sleepyness etc. For me it’s very important to start a day in a way i really appreciate, a little time on my own before rest of the family wakes up. I work alot with bringing positive energies into everything i do. And like rings on the water it spreads like a warm blanket surroundig those who are near me. I believe these kind of things are like tools that most people carries inside of them. You own the abilities within. The tools which will begin to flourish as soon as you recognize them.

I nowadays experience mine are growing more and more, faster and in a different way than when my children were younger. I have now more time to reflect on these facts and putting my insights in motion. I apply them in new ways. Being a mother really is a continous learning and for certain an never ending adventure. So my self-care generates alot of good energies to the benefit for everyone.

So ☺️ back to my little morning ritual and the importance of mental wellness. I wake up about five in the morning. The first thing i do offcourse is my daily shower. And i’m putting on a home dress. Making coffe, take my favourite cup, Brittish very thin china, with beautiful flowers on it in to my bedroom. And then the fun begins! Clicking on youtube and start my absolute favourite program called ”Young mans fancy” a cute little thing from the mid century. As i will do my hair and make-up i only listen to it and even just the sound makes me so happy it puts me in a good mood that will last for the entire day.

So first i check my nails and if they need any polishing. As i’m a traditional housewife i use my hands alot during a day so i don’t let them grow to long cause they’ll break. But i do want to keep them pretty for both Mister and myself. I brush my hair and braids it, never letting it hang down as that would be very unpractical. I’m sure you know the feeling aswell 😉

I prefer a light make-up and use only 4 products. It’s one foundation and i use it only under my eyes, a little on the eyelids to make them highlighted with easy means and perhaps a little around the nose to cover the red. It’s so versatile! When it’s dry i apply som white eye shadow and black mascara. Then comes my secret weapon that looks so natural and makes a cheek the prettiest it can be. More about it in another post!

Pearls! ✨ i adore them, nothing gives an aura of femininity as pearls and that is why i wear them everyday. I put the necklace around my neck, thereafter the ear rings. Change into the dress for the day, step into my indoor black ballerinas. And then comes the important part. My sweet 1950’s watch, a Tissot. I have to wind it up every morning and somehow that small process makes me so happy 😊. This pretty much sums up my daily morning ritual. Ready to take on everything a day might bring!

And so the daily routine of waking up my kitchen begin! Do you have something you do or could begin to do that will make your day start better?

i’ll be really delighted if you want to read more of my thoughts so please sign up and follow and we’ll see each other soon✨

I bid you all a very pleasant evening! 💗


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