The dreaded Poor Man Syndrome

It’s no secret that with my lifestyle 💖 i strive to be a gentle mother and housewife. There is though a time every month that this perticularly, becomes the hardest thing in the whole world! 🌍 you know of which i’m talking 😅 yes correct!

The PMS-time of the month! You know it’s there when you say to yourself ”hey why don’t i sit down beside my Mister in the sofa for a while. Maybe he wants a cup of coffee? I’ll just go and ask him. O yes i’ll do that! Then he opens his mouth and says something about some bills or an appointment at the dentists and BAM! A gray curtain draws over your whole existence🌪 You turn on your heel and all the lust you felt one minute ago to spend qualitytime with him is so gone! EVERYTHING turns GRAY! And it’s not even 50 shades of gray it’s just ONE. One single boring, erratic and sticky cold grayscale. And HOW do i deal with this⁉️

I have had this PMS all of my adult years and o how much it has stolen from my life. I’m talking months yes even maybe years totally. As mine until a year ago went on for about ten days at a time. 15 years ago i did’nt even understand what was happening with me? I thought i got depressed and it was so hard during these days trying to be this great mother and obedient wife who i really am. Inside of my mind grew a picture of myself that was not very nice. My self esteem got really torned and i felt so up and down ”all the time” which was the 10 days of PMS and after ajusting back to loving soft mode again.

Nowadays ❤️ i’ve learned to handle this rather easy. First of all it is not lasting that long anymore, it’s just about 4-5 days (which is enough as it is) and these days i just do surface-work. Meaning i maintain the kitchen, as it is the heart of our home, i beat the carpets and sweep the floor. Wiping surfaces, fluff pillows, straighten bed throws etc and i exclude all non-very important maintaining of the house. I also do’nt cook every day, only if i can handle it without become irritated as that will affect the family much more worse than me not cooking dinner. Our children are all pretty much grown up. The’re aged between 17 to 21 and they’re all well trained in both cooking and baking as they’ve always been around me 🥰 so no harm done ❤️

And i do’nt force myself, neither does Mister. Everyone knows and that’s good. I seldom can do all this at once during PMS because it makes me loose my temper and we do’nt want that. So my strategy is when i start feeling annoyed i just close the door and lay on my bed by my self for as long as i need to, often about 20 mins, and then i can continue where i paused and this works very fine for me. It really does! And it is such a releive to finally have solved the very secret code to the eternal dilemma of PMS the Poor Man Syndrome 😊

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