I belong in our home 🎀🌸

Today is wednesday and i’m doing what i like the most. Cleaning our home and cooking for my Misters lunches at work 🎀🌸

2 reaktioner på ”I belong in our home 🎀🌸

  1. This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing. Your life looks happy and full. May I ask where in Sweden you are? I’ve always wanted to go. I live in deary Idaho with 10 children and a wonderful husband. Three of my sons are married. I have 7 grandchildren. We homeschool our children. @frenchhandcraft

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    • Hi Lisa and welcome to my blog 🤗. Thank you!
      My life is pretty full and happy 😊. We’re in the south! I must say your life sounds so amazing and full aswell! 😍🙏🏼🌸



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