Good housewives in strange times

I have to write this because of the change we’re all facing at this very moment.
Many of you are going thru a really hard time i can feel it in my bones. We’re still pretty protected with our way of life and also because of the small village we’re living in. We do’nt have to meet anyone and that is ok as we normally spend most time amongst eachother. My three musketeers however really miss school and their friends there. Lucky none of us are alone as we have eachother 💕
I am so thankful. Thankful that we live in a very small community and on an island. I am thankful that we for now have a safe home. I am thankful that our grocery store shelfs still looks more or less the same as they did before all this happened.
I am so thankful that my teenagers are young adults and that they do not climb the walls inside in these times. I am thankful that i can still go for a stroll with Mister down to the sea and not having to be scared. As we wont meet a soul in our way.
I am so grateful for my nan who left us her cottage. Knowing that we can go there if this gets much worse is a calming feeling. I am thankful that i can grow my own vegetables and i will do it this year.
I admire all of you women who are isolated in a different way than me, my family and our fellow neighbors. For your patience, your ability and for your ingenuity that all will come forth in another way and on a completely different level than ever before
God be with you and your family and bless you ❤️🙏🏼

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