Housewife honey apple loaf

You’ll need:

•50g yeast

•1.8 cup milk

•0.5 cup honey

•2tsp salt

•1.8 cup rye sieve

•2.8 cup wheat flour

•120 grams room temperatured butter or margarin. Oil can be used as alternative

• 1 grated apple

Do like this:

Pictures of procedure in below

•Take out the baking machine and put on the dough hook, now we’ll bake delicious bread!

•Crack the yeast into the bowl. Heat the milk finger warm.

•Pour the milk over the yeast and dissolve.

•Add honey (syrup or sugar will work just as fine) salt. Turn on the baking machine and add the rye sieve. Add apple and butter (in smaller pieces) while the dough is running. The butter should be incorporated into the dough.

•Add wheat flour gradually and when all the flour is in, keep the machine on for about 10-12 minutes. After that allow your dough to ferment for 45 min.

•Without kneading, divide it in three equal parts. Place and shape baking sheet paper in the baking form or if you like you can just mold them with your hands and bake them on a flat oven tray. Powder with flour and with a sharp knife you with a quick hand cut a nice pattern on each loav. Then tuck in your little bread with a towel and let them take a nap for about 35 min.

•Set the oven to 380 F.

•Put a small tray with cold water in the bottom of the oven. This will add steam to the baking process and give the bread a much better crust. Put your loaves in for 40 minutes in total. (Lower the heat to 360 F after 25 minutes )

• And voilá!

I’m so proud you chose to make my bread 🤗💖 xxx

4 reaktioner på ”Housewife honey apple loaf

  1. They were amazing. My family loved them and I’ve made many more since. Thank you so much for sharing. You are very inspirational and a wonderful, beautiful lady.

    Gillad av 1 person

    • Hi Georgina! Oh you take my breath away! Thank you! I’m so happy to know that you tried my recipe! And that you and your family like them 🥰🙏🏼



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