One week meal plan

Some of you asked me how i can plan a whole week for 5 persons on 50$ and what i will cook so here it is. Enjoy 😊

I went grocery shopping yesterday, monday. I already had some ingredients at home. Chicken, lentils, greek jogurt etc.

Monday: chickpeas stew with coconut milk, curry, peanuts and banana. Served with garlic basmati rice and a salad

Tuesday: chicken for the meat eaters, veggie patties, roasted potatoes & carrots, salad and a tomatosauce with garlic

Wednesday: peruvian brown rice patties with red onions. Fried potatoes, salad and a cold jogurt based sauce

Thursday: Traditional swedish soup day. So i’ll be making a red lentil and thyme soup with grated cheese as topping. Served with garlic bread

Friday: Macaroni n cheese with bacon, broccoli for the vegetarians. Roasted sunflower seeds

Saturday: Veggie patties with green lentils, basmati rice w garlic, an apple salad with almonds and jogurt lemon zest cold sauce. As it’s saturday i’ll also serve 2 kinds of cookies. Vanilla/jam and chocolate/cinnamon.

Sunday: African Domoda stew with peanutbutter, butternut squash and cauliflower. Salad and potatoes. As it’s sunday i’ll also make a chocolate cake with a caramel sauce and chantilly cream on the side

2 reaktioner på ”One week meal plan

  1. Hello 👋 did you make your vegetarian patties yourself ? If yes can you give us your recipe please. I love your meal plan it’s easy and healthy. Hugs from France 🇫🇷



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