Traditional gender roles as a source of happiness

Today I listened to an interview with Alena Kate Pettit and just got this strong feeling to write about the big world modern rapidly increasing issue of ”Money. the center of our lives and our mission”.

Traditional gender roles as a source of happiness

I write about the great forces of femeninity and masculinity, the two polarities of female powers and masculine powers working together as a yin and yan. My personal celebration of equally rights for the two. Feminine-masculine. Freedom of speech 💗

Life is not about money. Money is a means we use for exchanging goods and services with eachother. A home with a big pile of money as the center is just four walls and an empty space whilst a home with a living center is warm, welcoming, nurturing and alive. That’s the most natural thing in the world. In a healthy community we should’nt have to need a fancy one or two weeks vacations at a materialistic resort to refuel our batteries or finding happiness and joy in our lives. We should be able to walk into our home and find it to be a haven of trust, love and faith in a natural fulfilling depending on eachother.

I really beleive it’s something beautiful, people who are able to rely on eachother. It’s something basic that brings trust into a home. It is not a weakness, it’s strength. We are meant to be together. Follow your natural instincts, they happen to be the same as Gods words.

In short i think we’d have a more stable society with much higher mental health if most homes during the days were’nt empty but filled with love and care.

If the costs for living were’nt so high i’m sure not as near so many as now would spend most of their active life away from home in an office working for their bosses. We would have a much more healthy world. As familys are the rocks that builds a society. As much as many want us to be we’re not supremes. We’re a part of nature of Gods plan and we need a healthy non stressed environment to grow and flourish. It requiers feminine and masculine energies working as one unit of joined forces. And we’re supposed to work together caring for our different chores with our different skills. That is’nt something to be fought against that’s something to be cherished.

Alot of people calling themselves feminists at the same time exclude feminines of traditional ways. And this stands against all true equality. That’s counter revolutionary and deeply discriminating. This is why such a large amount of women no longer call themselves feminists, but maybe they are, instead choose to defined as feminines. It has to be considered a natural calling wanting to take the role of a domestic feminine, homemaker, housewife and traditional housewife aka tradwife. Instead of this today being defined as a modern revolution fighting against what women so hard has faught for. This view carried by so many could’nt be more wrong.

Today femininity is often seen as something bad that has to be pushed down and destroyed. That is so sad. Being feminine is beautiful. A force of love straight from God. Instead of fighting nature we can learn how to surf smoothly on our natural instincts, and with ”we” i mean anyone who feels their inner calling as a feminine. And i know there are many ways to be feminine, not only my way. What i’m saying is’nt that everyones calling is to flourish as a traditional feminine. Nor do i say that every woman shall have the calling that i have. When we let our calling lead the way it mostly leads to a beautiful path which makes the world a better place. It’ll bring us not only happiness but also time and power. It’s not a failure being feminine. It’s a blessing! And so is the masculine when it’s combined with a good caring heart. I celebrate traditional gender roles no matter the sexes. This requieres a beautiful kind of equality to work as it’s supposed to. It deliberates so much energy from within, generating an never ending resource of joy and fulfillment when allowed to work in it’s undisturbed way.

To be a housewife is far far from being some kind of a door mat. It’s about the freedom of choice, freedom of equality, and the absolute right as a human and woman to choose ones own life.

And life. Is not about fighting, nor is it about money. It’s about learning how to sail on a wild ocean.

4 reaktioner på ”Traditional gender roles as a source of happiness

  1. Thank you for this reminder. I have, of course, been cooking more during this pandemic, and my husband loves it so much. I had forgotten how much he relies on me to make our house a home. I want our home to always be a source of peace, love, and contentment for him. And for visitors, too – when we can have them again!

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    • Thank you for writing ❤️ yes this time of quarantine is a wake-up call for everyone i think. And in a good way. A home is nothing but what we put in it ❤️ i’m so happy reading how your husband enjoys your efforts 🥰 it makes me genuinly happy for you both 🌸
      I wish you and your family a delightful easter weekend


  2. Thank you for posting this. I love your blog and feel the same that femininity and our differences between gender roles is something to be celebrated.
    I have felt the call to be a housewife for many years but sadly this is just a dream for now. Hopefully the day will come when I can assume what I feel is my true role. Much love and luck with your blog, and happy Easter! X

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