Thankful for the duty to serve my family

I am so humble. I have my wonderful mister and our three wonderful children. I have served us all this entire joyful Easter 🙏🏼 good food, clean clothes, colourful eggs filled with good quality chocolates, soft relaxing music and most important of all a really calm and kind atmosphere. Our Lord has risen. I am so full of faith and admire.

How i love that this is my job to serve as the housewife that i am with love and a soft pleasant appearance. It is my duty, so dear to my heart, to give my family this encouraging atmosphere. By doing this i grow in love and faith as i work thru the words of our Lord. I give love and i receive, when mister and children has a smile on their faces. I can both see and feel their relaxed mindsets, that brings me so much in return. Without this i’m nothing, merely an empty shell.

Yes i am humble. My spirit full of gratitude and faith 💗

Thank you


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