My housewifey way of love

To balancing our home life i have had to make some lifechanging choices. I would never ask my mr to for example to clean the kitchen or doing the laundry. Though he without a doubt helps me if i’m ill in any way ❤️ i love spoiling him with my feminine love by doing things like cooking and packing his lunches, greeting him after work with a smile, a hug and then serving him a coffee and a cookie i’ve made. Ironing his shirts & pants. I have also taught myself to close closet doors and similars after him with a smile and without comment. I think that’s a very common thing for men, forgetting to close what they’ve opened. Do’nt you think so too? I have chosen to save us all from hurtful negative nagging by taking on this responsability for our home by myself. Our children are so big now 18, 19, 21 and i do’nt have the same energy or duty to actively raising them in the same way i have done it their whole life. They are well taught and knows how to clean, doing laundry, cooking and baking etc. Though, this does’nt mean they’re always doing it. So i do almost all of this. When it’s laundry day i tell them if they want their clothes clean they have to bring them to the laundry room. My mr does’nt have to do any of this offcourse, i’m so lucky to have him in my life it’s an honour to releive him from these duties. I collect our mail and gives him all our bills and it’s such a releive not to being responsible for them. I lean on him ❤️ he’s such a great man and again i’m so lucky to share my life with him.

I beleive we’ve gone thru such hard times and it’s now my ”housewife-time” to live comfortably which i do best by keeping our home a nag-free zone. It’s so worth it, every time i wipe the sink (about 10 times a day) sweep the floor, beating carpets, folding laundry, buying our groceries. By doing this i get to have everything the way i like it, when i like it and without depending on anyone or worse having to fight or nag about it. All these things are such that i love doing. It makes me happy for real. My family also rewards me with small much appreciated surprises by sometimes taking care of the dishes, and my daughter really likes cleaning the fridge so that aswell is a bonus for me. Give and you shall receive, and God am i receiveing! Balance, love, laughter the greatest reward there is. Our basic needs completed and it costs only my time and devotion which happens to be my natural feminine abilities. Something that i’m very grateful and proud of.

Imagine me having to ask everyone to do these things? How much energy i’d have to waist. I have made this choice and will never go back. At the same time, i do’nt strive for perfection. I strive for the three H’s: Health, Harmony and Happiness.

Having a family life like this, so full of love, acceptance and care of eachother. I am worth it, we all are.

2 reaktioner på ”My housewifey way of love

  1. Very nice writing like every time. I need to work to be more patient and don’t nagging at home (especially once a month when I get tired by my periods thing) thank you for this reminder today hugs 🤗

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    • Thank you Sandra 🙏🏼 and you know what? I’m in that period right now and it is SO hard. I really long for the time in life when its gone ❤️ so i understand you well *hug*



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