Ageing as a mother

I really encourage other women to dress their best, do their hair and so on. For the same reason i’m doing it, nothing else ❤️ it’s just about making others feel happy and yourself most of all. I beleive energies are contageous, so when you feel good about yourself this affects the people around you in a very good way and that is something more important than we may think. So when i dress up and make myself beautiful that adds the level of positive energies i spread. Like rings on the water but intensified.

I have just recently got myself a new reason for doing this daily morning procedure. My daughter… she is so afraid of loosing me and gets so sad when she sees signs of ageing in my appearance. It is actually making me sad aswell when i see her reactions it reminds me of the fact that we one day will have to part, i actually starts to cry now when i’m writing this… my eyes gets blurry and ruins the make-up i put on for her.

I got my first grey hairs a couple of months ago and i was so surprised by my own reaction, when i saw them i instantly felt a new sense of calm and faith. It actually felt really good.

I think alot about how to handle this situation with my daughter, i try to help her to learn how to accept the fact but i do’nt think i will succeed ver well. Any of you facing the same dilemma?


2 reaktioner på ”Ageing as a mother

  1. Thank you for writing about this topic. I am a grandmother, but I wear a dress or skirt every day, wear makeup, and fix my hair, because when I am gone, I want my family to remember me as feminine and pretty. I have some serious health challenges, but I don’t want my loved ones to focus on them. Being a grandmother makes me think so much of my own grandmothers. I am trying to create happy, beautiful memories for my family by cooking good things for them, and making my home always happy and welcoming.

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    • Hi Beth! Thank you so much for your heart warming response i see we have alot in common ❤️🙏🏼 i think you’re doing just the right things. It’s the most important mission we can have.



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