Accepting and respecting differences

My mr, and our children, loves the way i care for our homelife and our family. To him it’s a releieve not having to care for laundry, cleaning, dishes, cooking etc. He loves the way i cook and pack all his lunchboxes. How i happily irones his shirts and pants. How i make our home and myself a beautiful haven for him and them to flourish in. Without me a very big part of his life would be lost just as much as mine would be without him. We are two who works as one.

If taking care of him and our children wont make me happy i honestly do’nt know what would? It’s the greatest and undeniably most rewarding work in the whole world.

When my children were born i did not for one second think about having them sent away from home. And certainly not until they were grown enough. What i thought of was how wonderful it would be to share my life with this beautiful gift i think a child is. To carry her on my back and bringing her into all aspects of my life and in my world being home with my family is luxury, a pure blessing. I would’nt change it for anything. That’s me speaking only for myself about what I in my bones feel is right. And i just can’t get my head around the idea _some of _ todays feminists have that possibilities and life choices of a housewife per se are limited. That she is being discriminated and surpressed. Also that she in bad and harmful ways are depending on her husband/partner. So please for Gods sake the husbands/partners are depending on the other one just as much. When 2 wants to become 1 they together choose their way of life. If they want one of them to stay in the home and take care of all domestic work the person working outside instantly become depending of the significant other. And that’s called equality. Pure equality that wont be measured by someones view or the changes in coming modern times. It’s larger than an opinion of a group of people. True and accepting, co-working unity is the order of nature, it is divine. Values that protect people and families extend beyond human beliefs, norms and modern eras and should never be opressed.

Equality IRL

Some call me conservative. But the concept that often include some kind of racism and behaviour of discrimination do not exist within me. At all. Our children has a father from south america and also we divorced so i can’t be much of a concervative in that meaning. Here you have to understand my point of view and what I’m saying. I’m not talking about all feminists but what i do say is that many people calling themselves feminists at the same time exclude feminines of traditional ways. And this stands against all true equality. That’s counter revolutionary and is why such a large amount of women no longer call themselves feminists, but maybe they are, instead choose to define as feminines. It has to be considered a natural calling wanting to take the role of a housewife and traditional housewife. Instead as it is today being defined as a modern revolution against what women so hard has faught for.

Families no matter how small or big makes the foundation of the world. We do’nt need more war, we need our society to be a healthy unified community working together as an organized flourishing family unit. And the equal liberty to choose what your family looks like, traditional or not, and of how you want to define yourself.

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  1. I agree with what you said especially. I’m a good housewife too and think I’m conservative or racist. I just stand up for a traditional way of life. Hugs from France

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