Saying good morning with a soft smile

It’s a bright new day and I’ve been awake since 2 am as i woke up and could’nt go back to sleep. Working up my energy to a productive level. I’m keen of getting on top of my household so it’s very important that I do’nt fall back to being too sleepy. My strategy for today is to start my feminine morning routine without exception, I’ve already made coffee for Mr and myself ❤️ and it’s time to play something lovely from Youtube. I think I’ll go with….hmm *thinking* yes! I’ll let one of my favourite videos keep me company. ”Young Mans Fancy” i just love it as it setts the tone of the day in such a happy way ❤️

I’m just about to choose todays clothes as I’m still in my pj. I think i’ll go with my new modest and very pretty light blue and white striped skirt along with a white top. Simple and fresh! A little make-up just to appear a bit more alert. Making my hair and putting on my black indoor ballerinas. That specific thing might seem small and by many not even noticable. But there are not many things that gives me such a warm feminine feeling as wearing them ❤️It’s easy, and for almost no cost at all. I found this pair in a charity store for about 8$ and they had no signs of being worn by someone else.

This Friday agenda says we will be four persons at home and five about time for supper. Our oldest being at work all day. I’ll start with the laundry and making bread. It really is remarkable how much more bread i have to make now that we’re all at home together every day! I really work consciosly on making my kitchen duty fun and even relaxing. With a smile (that needs to be sincere) on my face. For everyones sake. The heart of a family may rest, though, at the same time it needs to keep an eye open towards the rest of her family. That’s how the world goes around. In my housewifey kitchen todays dinner will consist by a veggie-based burrito with grinded yellow peas. I think it’ll turn out delicious 😊

I better get to it! 🥰 wishing you all a pleasant day 🙏🏼


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