The power of traditional gender roles

Today is laundry day, i enjoy myself so much and thru the day i keep talking to God whilst moving between my daily chores.

I’m folding shirts and find myself thinking of traditionalism, gender and so on. I’m very openminded and in my world love is love and shall be celebrated in all it’s healthy forms. I think about how much i really love traditionalism though. A kind of traditionalism with an evolved accepting twist. This kind of traditionalism in all its forms where love is let to be the absolute central and the foundation of ones whole relationship.

Traditionalism paradoxically when is let to work it’s magic really do open up new dimentions to an otherwise ordinary life by making it special, warm and so much more beautiful. Honoring traditional gender roles is something i keep really close to my heart, it comes natural and is what i bring into everything that i do. It makes life smooth and is also very pleasing not only for me. It truly is for the good of everyone. aswell it reminds me to always show extra love and calm against my beloved, to keep a sunny postitive mind around everyone i meet and a special care, kindness and respect especially for elders in our society.

I do it all the time and in everything i do. I want to be feminine, i love being feminine i flourish in femininity and i grow in it.

I thank God for taking such good care of my growth and of confirming the choices i make and the steps i take towards further and deeper into a feminine life. Theres a whole world opening thru my heart and my hands by His words.

The power of gender roles moves mountains.

When you’re in the right relationship and embraceing your feminine charm your beloved will react positively as he senses your change, it’s vibrating thru everything you touch and everything you do. This is, i think, where the two of you really becomes one. It’s in the order of nature. As you choose to softly fall in line with Gods leading you thereby invites your beloved to step in, joining and sharing that special love only gender polarization can bring. It’s in the deep of our nature. It becomes a dance where giving and receiveing, has the central part. That is the beauty of Masculine and feminine.

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3 reaktioner på ”The power of traditional gender roles

  1. I am glad that you talk to God while you are working. I do that, too! I recently learned a little prayer that I pray when I have a difficult or unpleasant task to do: “O God, come to my assistance; Lord, make haste to help me!” I feel it lightens my load when I ask for God’s help, and it is easy to remain pleasant and happy while I work. It also helps me do a complete, thorough job of it. I love serving God through serving my husband to the best of my ability.

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