Miracle worker

Evening has come and i’m filled with love and of worship. I just have to write some words down and maybe they seem a little messy. I just need to put them down. So pardon my english. The language i want to write in though is’nt a language of words, it’s made out of belief. Belief from the depths within.

I see the masculine and feminine powers as self-chargeing when connected to eachother. That is my own observation and experience. It’s the way we were created and it’s my beleif that when our Miracle maker gave us this gift of gender polarization, what He gave us was an place were we connect and plant our metaphorical and spiritual seeds of love.

I like to water my plants, see them bloom and sometimes bear fruit. As trees are vital to us by giving us oxygene so are our faith and our concious care for our invisible and growing seeds we’re carrying within ourselves. As they grow we must open our hearts, because they will reach for the light and bring to us pure life force directly from the God given source. I love it. So let us open our hearts and put our hands in the air while we pray for both sun and rain. God is making us grow.

This is deep and it’s beautiful.

I’m so grateful for the love surrounding me. A small bumble bee in need of a helping hand to get away from the heated sidewalk in the middle of the summer. Or my children smiling and maybe saying thank you to me. My Mr saying he loves me. The list consists of love and it goes on and on.

One thing is sure. We’re a unite. And we all need eachother.

Now I wish you all a truly blessed day/evening 💗


A little one i helped today


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