Housewife’s counter revolutionary way?

Hello everyone! Today i want to write about something many women struggles with. The constant work of maintaining our homes as a welcoming, inviting and pleasant relaxed place to be in, without a fight or exhaustion. I’ve come to the simple conclusion that it is I who set the standards of my household. No one else but me, as I’m the housewife and heart of our home. How could i force someone to think or do things the same way that i do and prefer things to be done? Everyone longs for a homely, relaxed, comfortable and loving home. We will never reach this goal by constantly arguing with the others at home. Going at them for not practically caring for our home the way that oneself do it. How could the ambience in our family ever become relaxed that way? And how could i ever be the soft feminine woman i want to be and should be?

With that said i never force meself either. I too are a family member and as much as the others needs it i too need a relaxing atmosphere around me when i’m home. So, my way of doing this is by not pressing myself for a struggle of keeping a perfect looking home. Instead of that pressing i create my own individual pace and allow myself to rest when i feel a break would be good. At the same time as i would never, ever force or nag anyone else to keep up with me and meet my standards regarding my housewife chores because of the fact that they’re mine. They’re my own set standards for me to uphold, not theirs.

I think I’ve said it somewhere before. That this is a practical and functional way of balancing a family life, where i take my place as a Christian housewife seriously and completely whole heartedly. I brings such joy and i seldom do things in a lazy way. Instead i have practiced on qualities i think are important until they make me doing my chores with a flow, it becomes a dance.

This method is a concious choice for saving us all from exhausting conflicts by practicing this particular way of living. It is very rewarding. The result is a comfortable and calm home life. Together.

I do’nt strive for perfection i strive for love and that does’nt cost a penny

Our home is beautiful and that by not high means. It’s healthy clean, most food made from scratch, and most important above all, it’s not empty but full of warmth, love and true caring. As i wrote above, we very seldom fight or argue.

I have since our children were just young taught them how to clean, cook, bake, grow veggies, taking care of animals, sewing and so on. They will be able to run their own households when the day Comes.

As i do’nt fight to make everyone tidying, dishwashing etc i do though teach them the importance of gratitude and it’s a constant, pretty easy, work of making sure efforts are not taken for granted. I do it all with a soft and kind mind and keeping it important to myself not to be nagging. Instead i highlight these things in a loving way. As i once was the mother of three little ones i know my current method is harder to put in work when you have small children. But rest in knowledge that this calm is something you can work on in small steps now already and that this method, if you want it to, will grow alongst with your children ❤️.

This is my way of doing it and for us it works optimally, really. I am well aware of that alot of modern people finds my way to be counter revolutionary and very unmodern. But i am a Christian and with that a beleiver that my place is within the family and close to home. I not only take responsability, i sing and dance the responabilities placed upon me. It’s more than only materially cleaning a four walled house. It is caring for and loving my family devotedly with my whole life. And these standards spring from something that extends beyond human beliefs and norms. It’s our faith, our life and our own way to with love follow God in these matters. I think of you and hope you all have your own fulfilling way of living and that you stand happy and proud of it ❤️


2 reaktioner på ”Housewife’s counter revolutionary way?

  1. Great reminder for me today. I need to practice do not nag about my housekeeping it’s sometimes a bit hard but I love to be at home and take care of my loves one . Thank you for your writing hugs from France

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    • Hi dear Sandra, yes it really is hard at times and we’re allowed to have our rest so we can continue our loving caring of our family ❤️



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