Housewifey way of love

I slept a little longer today, i normally wake up about 4 am but today i woke up as late as 6.30 and it felt so good! It felt like i was guven a present wrapped in soft pink paper. So rare to me.

Today is a day dedicated to baking. I’ve made my Mr’s absolute favourite cookies, the ”Strawberry Jam Caves”. He just loves them. When he came home after welcoming him i soon went upstairs to his mancave and served him a nice cup of coffee, a sandwish and two lovely and still warm cookies. I know him so well and he did’nt need telling me he needed something to eat i knew it already. I have also made a couple of my rye honey loaves that turned out perfect. In a little while it’s time for me to start preparing for supper.

Even though I’m starting to get a bit tired i so enjoy making the dinner for everyone. It’s really a circle of positive energy. I give them something home made to enjoy and in return i get to feel their contentment and that is, for me, i think the best feeling in the whole world. There’s nothing in comparison with the satisfaction of my loved ones.

I think if modern societys lowered the pace for families to be able to focuse on and care for eachother more by practicing this direct loving way. We would have a very much healthier world in so many different ways. When i say a loving way, i specifically mean the way of stepping out of a money centered state of mind and behaviour, dedicating our time to making our loved ones know for real how precious, dear & important they are to us. They shall not have a slightest doubt of it if made the right way. My role as the traditional housewife gives me all tools i’ll ever need for doing this. And the means i use is the same as everyone really has. It’s just a matter of choice if we’ll use them or not.These means are the never ending lantern lit by Jesus, the words of God, and the love all of this together brings. The full circle of love.

I also alongside with the Bible practice Fascinating Womanhood teachings by Helen Andelin and I’m finding it so precious. Nowadays i do’nt argue, arguing, nagging is such a bad habit. I encourage every other women to fallow that practice. It’s better to close doors, cabinets, wiping the sink etc etc by yourself instead of going at the others about always doing it. Think about it, is’nt the loving calm environment much more worth to us than the others doing everything in your way? It’s your way. Not theirs that you’re trying to make them do things. Jump of that nagging train and enjoy the calm this will bring into your family life. It’s a gift and it’s precious. Handle with care.

Time for me to put an apron on and go to my space. My place, by the stove offcourse, where else would it be? 🎀


4 reaktioner på ”Housewifey way of love

    • Oh yes! I really encourage women to read it, it’s a little miracle book 🙏🏼 thank you dear Sandra hugs back to you ❤️


    • Hi Paulina 🤗 oh you just get her book! The fascinating womanhood. It has it all, one of the best books there is 💕🙏🏼.
      Hug from me ☺️ xx



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