Serving Mister

He surrounds the sun with a light only he can make. I love him so much, he is the best of all. I’m so lucky to be his little lady by his side.

I am both so thankful and grateful. Humbled to be under his love and wings. He always got my back. Wherever we go he holds my arm or my hand. He always carries the heavy things, he takes care of all our economical matters and he’s always there for our children.

I’m filled with love and humility more maybe than he know? I show him as much as i can how much he means to me, to our children, to our home. To our life. I will never stop finding little ways to say i love you ♥️

Today I made lunches for him to have at work. I also thanked him so much and showed him how happy i am for the things he bought me today in a vintage store. I really appreciate them.

I am not independent at all. I need him in my life because he is my life. As are my children. There’s nothing higher or more humbling as being a part of what we’re creating together. One Masculine, one feminine. Joined forces in a never ending well connected synchronized circle of giving and receiving.

That’s love. It’s written.

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