Feminine submission and happiness

I feel such liberty being feminine 💗 I’m not a young girl but i bloom. I took a decision to take back my life. To start living more fully here and now. I did’nt want to struggle and fight, i want my life to flow like a waltz as it once did. I’ve returned to my roots and now, each day i consciously relax more and more into the beautiful depth of femininity. I love it so much 💕.

I thank God who gave me life in shape of woman. I do my best to be softer and pleasant to be around because that’s what makes others feel good. I become more and more confident in who I am and why I’m here. I know my purpose and my own happiness is included, I’ll continue molding myself both mentally and physically into the shape of the person i really am inside. A truly feminine submissive woman.

The more i submit to my Mr the more i become liberated from the negative chains that has hold me back. It means i practice respecting him and listening to what he really says and wants, and that’s a beautiful thing. It’s not strange that this makes me happy.

I do also dedicate much more time to prayer, church and my bible. It shows me the way and really helps me seeing things clearly and for what they really are.

I am so grateful for having my masculine loving, caring Mr by my side. I also thank our Lord for making the opportunity to getting to know feminine and loveable likeminded friends from all over the world. This adds such a wonderful new dimension in quality of life. Thank you 🙏🏼

I have found such peace in the fact that taking a step back is the new forward.

Love is a force and it’s neverending.



2 reaktioner på ”Feminine submission and happiness

  1. Thank you for your beautiful words – I really needed to read happy words today. I’m not feeling well this week and I have been sad about not being able to take care of my husband and our home. I know this difficulty won’t last forever, but it has made me so sad. I thank God for my loving husband who only wants to take care of me. God bless you – it is so good to know of other women who understand how I feel.

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    • Thank you for writing ♥️🙏🏼
      I understand you so very well dear, it hurts and you feel sad. But it is ok not to be on top of your chores and caring of others ❤️ you are so important. Warm hug from me to you



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