Being available & happy

We’ve had a crisis at home. It durated from Tuesday until today Thursday. It has cost us so much energy and calm but now tonight I can finally say we’re back again. Today we at home all came together and shared a moment of happiness. I felt life swirling around in my body and suddenly i was pretty much on top of my work at home again. Both practical and as a bright and available closeness to whom ever might need me. Offcourse I’ve been available these days too, alot. But with a distracted mind and it feels so good to be back on track for real.

We celebrated this, that the crises finally passed, with a really nice dinner I prepared. A little late in the evening and a little tired but oh so full of joy. There really is nothing that I love more than to have everything floating and with a flow. Thru out each day to be on top of my home and preparing everything anyone might need. My happiest moments are when I see my actions make my Mr and others happy, calm and satisfied. That is love in action.

Tomorrow I’ve planned to visit our little chapel and light a candle. The calm at that place is unbelieveble. I long to get there. To dedicate some time to thank the Lord of His blessings. For making me a woman, for creating this family, for teaching me how to keep up the light and how to be available without loosing my rythm of making chores. How to serve my Mr, our home and children in a right way even in difficult times. For providing likeminded caring friends around the world. I’m so humbled.

Now it’s late and time to sleep. Awaits a new day tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. A day of laundry, ironing, cleaning bathroom and preparing Misters birthday 🥰


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