Traditional wives matter

Staying at home as a traditional wife isn’t nowadays always seen as something positive. Many women think it’s not about nothing more than doing the cleaning and cooking. Many men say money is the most important thing in the world so of course a woman has to work so that the couple can maintain their modern centered lifestyle. Because of the same reason a traditional household many times are not even worth of giving a thought and is seen as something from another planet or even bad. But i tell you, that’s wrong. These thoughts and way of perspective springs from an uneducated often jealous mind. Being a feminine stay at home wife or homemaker is about so much more than keeping a house clean. What it really is about is continously 24/7 creating the home a safe place. And I mean safe as for spirit, the body, heart and soul of both adults and young. And it’s about bringing peace into that home by genuinly doing every other thing that the part working for the money don’t do. Both as I’ve written before (and certainly will again) equally important. This peace is something so natural and important, just as water is to the trees. It’s something we all need. To grow as strong, caring, confident and happy human beings. It’s just the natural way of life.

Working like this demands two things. First your dedication and then your time. This is why stay at home wives are so important to a family and is what separates a healthy, safe traditional home based on traditional genderroles. Where everyone knows their place and purpose, from a home without it. I’m so aware of how many many families are single parent households. And they can absolutely work well. Though what I’m saying is that in my world the traditional way is the absolute best, for both parent and child. At the same time I don’t believe in the thought of not being able to end a marriage by divorce. A loving healthy relationship is the foundation and when this is not possible to maintain though after trying everything it is always better to separate than being miserable. A man can as we know be really mistreating his woman and that is never acceptable and most often hurts a possible child really bad. That’s not in Gods will of that I’m sure.

This should not be by force but will and calling. This without can never be succesful or good.

I’m proud of caring for others and bringing them comfort with my feminine kind of ways. I know it is the most important work there has ever been. Side by side with the masculine force of bringing the security of food and economics.

All in a way of a compass pointing to the direction of our Lord. Let the light in.

The traditional way when done by heart will never go wrong.



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