This day is so pleasant, I slept longer than I use to do, this is something very rare, and I love it when it happens! Today is not an ordinary day it’s my Misters birthday.

As nothing can interfere with my morning routine I made some good coffee, put on my favourite youtube video to have it playing in the background. Brushed and braided my hair, did a light make-up and put on a dress. A little cuter one than normal because of His birthday. Then along with my daughter we took the dog for a short walk. We both went barefoot and enjoys it a lot. It’s one of the perks of living in a smaller village were there’s a lot of green areas and the streets are clean. As a plus there’s no one there to comment you on walking around without shoes ❤️ walking barefoot lets me feel the earth and awaken me in a greater way.

I have a small vintage serving trolley for Mr in the kitchen which I use to set for him when he wants to eat something or have a cup of coffee seated in the kitchen sofa. Today i dressed it in a beautiful cloth, lit a candle, picked some flowers and gave him his favourite cake. A lemon cake with cream. We also had some Scones with marmalade and a really good well-aged cheese. We sang to him, off course, and he enjoyed his moment. Mission accomplished.

After having a couple of turbulent days we’re all still a bit tired so the rest of the day we all will just relax. My self I’ll take a warm bath and then practicing on my foam hair-rolling skills. A good dinner and later to end this day I’ll enjoy reading Fascinating Womanhood. I just love that book. Reading in it confirms what I deep inside already know but have been taught to struggle against. It’s so refreshing and empowering just diving in to this pond of feminine wisdom and clarity.

I bid you all a cozy Saturday.



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