The attentive and obedient womanhood

I have always been a feminine woman it just comes natural. Though I’ve had to hide it from my mother as she never has accepted me for who I am. It has been really hard sometimes and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it completely. Because of her my self-confidence has been badly hurt but step by step now I’m healing more and more. When I think of it this actually has made me enjoy my aging because of as the time goes by I heal and become more and more confident in myself. More like I should have been from the beginning. I’m lucky enough to have had some good role models and most of all I have my faith in God and Jesus. The Bible has helped me a lot in my feminine confidence.

And O I must say how much I love reading the Fascinating Womanhood! This as well is a true companion, like a best friend always there for me when I need it. I experience that it puts in words what I deep inside already know. Like a soft well-spoken voice reminding me of how very important masculines and us feminines are to each other. We can be the difference between a happy life or a really miserable one.

We are traditional women. Companions to our husbands and fiancés, dedicated to serve and to care for our families, and we own the blessed ability to love and really enjoy it. Working like this is working by the light and love that lives within us. We’re all loved by God and that love is what shines thru and can be seen in everything we do and everything we touch. It is Gods work and it is holy.

Women being attentive and obedient is not weakness it’s a creating force just as manly leading are. The unity we make together is unstoppable, as is the force of love permeating every life on earth because that is what God is.

I know some changes and growth are healthy. But unlimited such? Society changing faster and faster is nor natural or healthy, families really need to struggle not to fall apart. And it seems like many people have forgotten we’re humankind but merely objects that can be molded and changed in any possible thinkable way and that goes for both men and women. What many misses out on is that yes the outside we can change pretty much in what way we might want it to but the inside will more often than not in the end be badly hurt by this. No wonder so many today are being confused in what they are or who they want to be. I firmly believe that when there’s too many options and possibilities it’s very easy to get lost. Especially amongst younger people.

I have been astray. For a while I was completely lost. I am so incredibly grateful for the light that never really goes out. The spark that always has a chance to lit up again after being blown out in a storm. You know of which light I’m talking, I know you do. Yes, it is the light of Jesus and it’s so comforting and beautiful.

I’m proud of being a traditional feminine, i feel safe in being this. Though in some way? Isn’t it sad that we have to refer to ourselves as ”traditional” or Tradwives for people to understand what we are, that the alienation from this natural state has gone so far? The older generation is slowly fading away and by that fact much is lost. Much of the way that many elderly people define relationships and roles. Instead of being around my now passed elder relatives I find comfort in our church I feel so at home there and really (besides from in my own home) this is the only place where I feel I’m in my natural habitat as a believing and traditional woman. I hope you as well has places besides from home where you feel this. If you think about it, where do you feel at home? 🌸


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  1. I, too, feel happy and feminine in church. I weir a veil when I attend Mass, and I love how feminine and beautiful it makes me feel, even though that is not why I wear it. My daughter-in-law introduced me to Fascinating Womanhood several years ago. It took me a long time to fully embrace my femininity. I was helped along by another book – “Dressing With Dignity”. It helped me to understand how important it is to be feminine and modest – how dressing like a real woman preserves our dignity as women. I don’t personally know very many women who embrace this feminine life, so I am especially grateful for you and your blog.

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    • Hello Beth! 🤗 I am so happy for your sweet comment 💕
      I too veil in church and agree with you of the beautiful feeling it gives me. It feels just so right and in its place doesn’t it? How lovely to have a daughter-in-law who reads this book! And that other book you mention, I have to look for it. Never heard of it before so you inspired me ☺️ thank you!
      I don’t either know many women who does…actually not a single one. It’s sad, how the world has become. So modern and changing. I’m so glad you like my blog you are so welcome here. It gives me a warm feeling to have you here likeminded lady 🥰



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