Housewife submission for life

From my submissive point of view. About obedience, it gives me time to focus on my chores just as my work gives my Mr all time he need to do the work of his own. He leaving home early each morning reminds me of what are my own duties. Duties that I love and dedicate my life to maintain, and this includes my own well-being. Without self-care you don’t last long.

To many modern women this sounds odd, mildly said, but I find peace in it. It brings so much joy into my life, it makes it enchanting and everything is so in its place. I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is my way of freedom and love, and we work so well together me and my dear Mister. He makes the bigger decisions and I aim to follow as much as I can and this brings such peace… We grow more and more inside of love.

I keep our home cozy, and he can relax in the sofa after a long day of work. I welcome him home and have his favourite vitamin drink just as he prefers it and a little something to eat served and ready. His time to tell me about his day and catch up with my day a bit too. I often start making dinner with him resting in our kitchen sofa and can serve him directly when it’s ready. We always eat together.

This is definately one of my absolute favourite thing, to have dinner ready for everyone at 5 each day. Being able to do this, I’m so blessed. It’s beautiful. I remember when I was a little girl my nan setting the table for everyone, but she seldom sat down herself. She was such a lovely and caring, good housewife. I miss her so much.

Submission is my true natural state, it has always been that way and I believe it is so because of my love for elderly ladies and gentlemen. I have such fond memories of elderly relatives and people I’ve met when I worked as a nurse. Also most of my role models has been these people.

There was a completely different level of service in older times. Both by men and women. We needed each other and had a sense of working pride and off course the result of this generates good quality both in domestic work as in more manly duties. Good service, good depending on each other. I maintain this as much as I can and teaches it to my now almost grown up children.

Support what you love or it will fade away…

My way of caring permeates everything that I do. The way I close cupboard doors, putting the cutlery in the kitchen drawer or emptying the dishwasher. Soft, silent and gently for saving my Mr and children from disturbing noises.

Does your love-language have a special expression?



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