The windmill. Writings about gender roles

Loving the traditional way is not about sacrifices. It’s about diving even deeper into what love really is. In this way of loving you show each other appreciation in so many aspects, more than you probably do in a relationship where gender roles are not central. When you serve your other half, the masculine part, with your feminine admiration you give him reasons to be manly that encourages him to unlock his God given male energies. Being feminine in all your ways will broaden your sight of love. And this, as a natural consequence, at the same time will clear his path. That path where the sign says ”Masculine”.

It’s not about sacrifice, it’s about enrich your common life and making it glow. Some might say they get the same kind of spark without highlighting feminine-masculine and I’m sure they do, but that’s not what I’m writing about here. I write based on my position as a traditional housewife and my life experiences. Love come in many forms and about what I write isn’t necessarily of man-woman but masculine-feminine.

If I shall describe my view on feminine and masculine force I could do it by the example of the windmill, where the mill itself is a big, strong and solid piece of art. It has the conditions to create many great and important things, though without wind is being merely a shell. A storage room for unused tools.

In a less gender role-based relationship the needed wind might come as a light breeze or a sneeze God forbid. It won’t help the mill to move its wings. The rain won’t either. It needs but the wind. And the wind on the other hand is just as helpless without its mill isn’t it? How could the wind alone create a soft flour and to turn it into a bun? And how could the mill itself turn the seeds into flour?

We needing each other is God given. A blessing too precious not to be celebrated in every way. We should feel and show gratitude. I know there are so many ways of life and living and different circumstances for many of us which makes doing this too hard. This doesn’t make it a right though. But we are people, humankind, and we’re not perfect, there are darkness amongst us and we can be very harmful, this fact doesn’t make itself excused. I do though believe this makes it even more important for us to strengthen and to encouraging each other to be or become what God intends us to be. There is no evil in the God that I know. If life on earth is a big ocean we are the rain that drops and makes rings on the surface.

A seed needs water to grow as it’s supposed to grow. Not just any water but a clean water, not poisoned. And the water on the other hand can’t possibly grow a tree by itself. They need eachother. And we’re no different that way.

We need each other. We fulfill each other, in love we demand each other.

In love we make each other.



Made this way.



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