Mankind, are we more than a square part in a line of economic production

How is it that being human is something that needs to be persisted?

In a holistic perspective we’re all one, or whole, within ourselves. In a modern and more square perspective we’re disassambled into pieces where each piece are labeled by it’s function and valued thereafter. We’re not seen as a whole but as of how productive we are in terms of making money, for ourselves or for a boss. Being a chef for example is something very high-rated, many are willing to pay large amount of money just to eat something made by a chef. I personally would prefer to eat what has been made by someone who loves me as this would bring me true joy of a kind that isn’t to be found anywhere else. Or for myself to cook for someone that I love. There are many popular TV shows of contestants competing with each other in cooking skills. But when the lights go down, when the restaurant has closed and the TV show has ended suddenly a woman’s love (yes I write about women) of cooking for others has turned into something that needs to be put down, and that in a hurry. If it’s a man who does it on the other hand it’s almost without an exception seen as ”wonderful and very special”. How is that?

When did our living become something to buy and sell? If this is to be seen as ”the right perspective” and as the starting point of all life it isn’t at all strange that so many are lost. We have completely forgotten how to navigate the compass. The compass also known as our intuition.

And the pursuit for women’s rights. For freedom to choose what we need and what we want. When did it turn into feminism? We are women, where did feminine rights go? What happens to the rest of us? We who don’t want to fight, but to live peacefully? We who doesn’t carry blindfolds but keep a steady and confident eye on the compass needle.

I’m a housewife and I live for serving my family, this is my life purpose. Am I a threat to society?

Serving others this way, in a calm, caring way is dedication and pure love in action

Why is it that we have so much suffering in the world? Why are so many stressed and depressed? Why is making and selling anti-depressants so financially successful? Isn’t it strange? Isn’t it peculiar?

If I were a queen I would cut down costs for living and it wouldn’t be necessary at all for both parts in a relationship to work outside of the home. And if there’s a single household with children, the adult should be able to stay home. We’re human, we’re living creatures made of flesh and blood. We’re Gods creation and that’s not only beautiful, it’s holy.

Money can’t be eaten, and money isn’t our basic need, it is love and that doesn’t cost a thing. When we on the other hand do not meet our needs we pretty much instantly get ill. If we still don’t get what we need we may be lucky to receive medical treatment or a psychologist to turn to. This to an enormous cost not only for ourselves but for the entire community apparatus. But we can’t take that away can we? As we are human beings, as there are no one at home to see to our need? As we therefore need professional help to become as productive as can be of a citizen. As society and the world needs this money to go around? Let’s rewind this… We’re human beings with the need of love and security of a safe home and family, no matter small or big. The modern conformative and ever so fast-forwarding world need the money we spend on medicine and conversational therapy so that a therapist can afford to pay for their living. And for landlords, so they can buy more properties to earn more money from renting or selling. For industries to grow big to earn more money to expand to earn more money to… yes, you get my point. And for the whole society to benefit from so we (again) can buy ourselves medicine and therapy? This goes for everything else that we need, like food and clothing. The wheel spin around and around like a carousel. I think it’s time to hop off.

Maybe we don’t need this much? Can life be so simple? Is the secret to a fulfilled and happy life to be found in the tranquility of nature and the safety of a loving home? What if we take a step back and consider a reality where the human purpose is to care for the planet we are a part of. To build homes, raise children, to herd livestock. Our planet provides us all. This happen to be the same as Gods will, that’s why we’re depending on nature, we’re a part of it, we’re even a part of the trees as we can’t live without oxygene. It’s in our nature, it’s meant to be. This all is gifts that comes with life, it’s in the word of our Lord. In His word lie the creation and of thus we’re a part.

I ponder, doesn’t we already have all we need? Is the world not enough? Isn’t earth big enough for us all to grow our food on? Isn’t there land enough for us all to build ourselves a home and to raise cattle on it? what else may we need? We might need clothing, electricity in some cases. And yes, medical care really is important but all the rest? Do we really need everything else? What if hospitals and electric power plants were run by volunteers that took turns and only worked the individual possible amount of hours?

What if we made bread at home and traded it for fabrics made by a neighbour. What if children accompanied adults in their daily tasks and learned by this? There’s nothing as adaptive as a child.

We’re all gardeners in the Lords greenhouse so make the change you want to see, everything starts with a step. Make your choice, be the difference. Lower your pace, cut down your costs, lighten your burden and imagine what this world can be like.


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