Traditional gender roles: The letter of admiration

Society evolves in an ever so fast speed, it’s really wearing to try to keep up. This affects the worlds children enormously and we have not seen half of the consequences yet. I’m afraid of them. Trying to shelter the one you care for is a continuous work and the most important work there will ever be.

Evolution and development is a train with no final destination, most people strive for it and will never be satisfied. But this fact, of most people striving to more-better-faster doesn’t make this fact a good fact. It doesn’t matter how many walks a wrong road, the number never makes a wrong to become right.

The truth is that Society isn’t the most important thing there is, that place is forever claimed by family. Without it we fall apart. It takes a lot of energy to hold priorities right and to maintain a healthy way of life, and a happy, bright and loving home. It’s a work that never ends. To be able to work like this you need energy, not just by physical nutrition but emotional. That is at least as important as food and maybe even more. And this is where many people get lost. The truth is that when you, as I wrote above, work to keep your family on the right track, also need to include yourself. That is a top priority because without you your family will fall. Self-care in any form is crucial and to see to your husbands/wives needs is just as important. If you’re like I am, a housewife, your partner depend on you just like you depend on him, he doesn’t just need a good dinner when he comes home after work. He needs a calm environment, a space for relaxation and completely free from nagging and duties. You’re the one to give him this, without your help it’ll be difficult for him to reach this relaxed state where he charges his batteries.

Father, Son and The Holy Spirit are one, you and your husband/partner are too. When you breath in, he breathes out…

I’ve found a good way to ensure my Mr of his worth and of how loved and appreciated he is by me and our three children. I write a letter, not one but one every week. I tell him what I’ve noticed him doing, what he has done for us and for others. I make sure he doesn’t doubt he is sufficient.

I call it ”the letter of admiration”

I feed him love, affirmation, encouragement, gratitude, rest, appreciation, a woman of his own and to be proud of, good food and well-ironed clothes. Silver lining in his life, and I give him a reason to want to come home.

He feeds me love, unquestionable security, the best friend in the world, calm as he cares for the children and means for me to put food on our table and clothes on bodies. And he gives me a reason for going the extra mile ♥️

2 reaktioner på ”Traditional gender roles: The letter of admiration

  1. Such a great read 🙂 I’m going to start trying to do ‘slow living’ and getting back basics. We all need a bit of calm in the chaotic world. x

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