Life changing priorities

Caring for your home is your life-work. The most important part of it is to care for your family, to meet all their needs. Being able to meet the whole person, not only what they’ll have for dinner or if their clothes are clean (which ofcourse are very important too) but, in full-time their spiritual needs. I have one golden rule I always follow, to tune in every family members emotional state and thereafter I set my priority for the day. If anyone needs me then I need to change my plan a bit and that’s usually not a problem as I’m good at multi tasking, I always clean etc as I go.

In my world this is the BIG difference between a home with a dedicated housewife/homemaker, and the home where both parents are away all day and the possible child is left at day-care. However, I’ve been a single parent with three very young children so I’m, well aware of the difficulties that comes with it. Though that doesn’t make the fact any different. A home with a living center will always be more healthy than an empty one. It’s not something made up, it’s the pure reality. We take damage of all the stress that comes with leaving home the majority of our days. Any how this has turned to be the new normal? We have to keep in mind, that we have never before seen such low mental health in the world of as today.

This has gone far beyond the limit of what mankind are made to handle. It’s a pandemic of the most fatal kind and it plunges us into ruin. We who sets, or wants to set, priority to our home and family, including the masculine and his big and important part of a family, dedicating our life to ensure it’s in the best possible state. We are the best role models there will ever be in the entire world. We make a difference and an impact as big as life. I wish this would be a possibility for every parent who knows their calling ♥️ my heart aches for every single one who suffer because they can’t.

It’s an under statement to say society no longer is human friendly. We have turned paradise into a war zone where we are battling against ourselves. A fight we can never win. As living becomes more and more expensive we drift further and further away from our human heart and home. Our longing gets lost by the curtain that separates us from what we already have.

The only cure to make this right and to turn this ship around is by radically change our priorities, let them bloom in the open and to let the love shine. We who are home and those who wants to stay home but have their heart broken because they can’t. All of us, we need to step out to the daylight and show the world what it’s supposed to be. I think it’s time to dive deep into the never ending ocean of instinct, and rediscover what it means to be human.


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