Godly womanhood

About the Scripture and Christianity. In many societies around the world Christianity, church, congregations has changed a lot the last hundred years. And I’ll absolutely make my point clear on this subject, I really think this is something good as we now embrace all sorts of love, that is so good. But I came to wonder, what rules does church as of today say that we need to obey? Is there any at all? It mostly feels like it’s a festive and ”no limit at all vibe” around church. I do think it’s great with a happy congregation and church. But I can’t help but feeling something is missing. Do we really not have any rules to obey according to modern church? I know there are other, smaller congregations that may be a little more conservative, I’m though so at home in ours that I don’t want to turn to another. My way of compensating for this is to, except from of course reading from the Scripture, also reading and listening to pods, mostly about biblical women and traditional womanhood. I do this to still the longing that lives inside my heart, to cultivate my genuine, true femininity. I have my own view on this and of course so has everyone else. I believe that we do have rules to follow in Christ. And that it helps me a lot as it makes me strong and happy, my life gets a clear unquestionable direction. A path that I choose to walk.

A couple of the books that I read is ”Fascinating womanhood” by Helen Andelin. And ”Dressing with dignity” by Colleen Hammond. On Spotify I listen to pods as Sam Hoover’s ”Golden age values” and Tessa Mayers ”The feminine traditions podcast”. There’s also a lot of good material on Youtube, one of them is ”Heavenly Minded Home school’s” serie Biblical womanhood. I know God loves me, and this YT channel is a great source for the teachings of biblical gender roles, specifically the videos working thru the course ”Biblical Womanhood” by Lori Alexander. I also pray by ”Tidegärden” (in Swedish) which holds specific prayers for different times of the day. These prayers are the same for many christians all over the world and it’s roots are over a thousand years old.

When I grew up my best friend named Katy, was a Jehovas witness and her family very conservative and traditional. Needless to say I loved being in their home. Her mother made the best family dinners, mostly Italian as it was from Italy she came. And when I joined them in the weekends to the Kingdom Hall, her mother dressed us both in cute and modest cotton dresses and the best shoes, she also brushed and braided our hair. And she taught me how to iron shirts. Me an Katy sometimes had the chore to iron her fathers. I carry this as a very fond and precious memory within me.

My own mother was rather cold as person and most of all showed me how to fight, disgrace and laugh at men. She didn’t care for me as a mother are supposed to. She never gave me tenderness or closeness though my little mind and body yearned for it every day. I believe this is why my stay with Katys family became so crucial and life changing to me. It still affects me greatly as of today. And as a side note, my mother is alive but has chosen not to have any contact with me and my family, something that is very hurtful, but I’ve accepted that it’s the best for myself and for my children. It is though something that I’ll never be able to understand. How a mother can cut off her own daughter… in my world my whole life is centered about the well-being of my children and Mr. And I have prayed for and learned how to finally being able to forgive her. Because all of this the stay at Katys home became very important, in shaping me in to the woman that I am today. I’m so grateful that I had her family in my life.

What does this fact, about biblical rules and roles mean to you? What does it look like in your congregation? How does it affect you? I’m curious to know about it, please share your own thought in the comment.


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  1. I’m just catching up on your blogs and I’m so sad to hear about your mother’s treatment of you. Your mother should be grateful to have such a caring and kind daughter, I just don’t understand it. My mother wasn’t as cruel, but just indifferent and still is. She isn’t nurturing and it always made me wonder why she even decided to have kids when she clearly didn’t want them.

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    • Thank you ♥️ I’m sade to hear that. It’s a horrible feeling, having to miss ones mother though she’s still alive and sound…



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