Jam cave daisy cookies

• 1,6c wheat flour

• 0.4c sugar

• 1tsp baking powder

• 2tsp vanilla powder

• A pinch of salt

• 200g butter

• 0,5c raspberry & daisy flower jam

Do like this:

This recipe will give you about 20 cookies. Set oven to 392 f. Mix all the dry ingredients together, cut the butter into small slices and blend in with the dry. Then you take a piece of dough in your hand, the size as a walnut. The form shall be round as a ball. Carefully make a deep hole using your thumb, place each cookie in small and (preferably) cute paper forms. Use a spoon to fill the holes or ”the caves” with the jam. Bake in the middle if the oven for 10 minutes.

And voilá!


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