Genders equality, or, Life is not a battlefield

It’s an enormous difference between a housewife/homemaker and an oppressed woman. It’s like comparing two different colours on the same palette or a horror movie from a romantic. It’s two different women, different well beings and lives. A happy, liberated housewife is just like any other happy woman, liberated, satisfied and fulfilled.

I have been bullied by some, even those I’ve called my friends (feminists) have said very ugly things because of my life choice, priorities and views. That’s oppression and it exemplify the exact reason why I won’t call my self feminist. I’m completely against any kind of oppression. Of women, children, men, animals and nature.

Many women that has experienced any sort of abuse, including my self and my child, are struggling to trust other people. And it’s so understandable that many who rises keep on fighting though it’s all over. I’m not doing that anymore, I’m tired of fighting and I have made my choice to leave all past behind. Though I’m very well aware of that many others are being so badly hurt that they will never heal or being able to walk away. I feel for them, I cry and I help, but I will not undress or walk the streets yelling that men are disgusting and freaks. I will not opress men. I want my daughter to grow up to as a strong and feminine woman in her own way. Yes, strong, and ”even” fearless of depending on the one she chooses to love. To cherish the one whom she adores and dare to become a unity with that person. Because that’s what life is, not the society we’ve built, but life it self. I wish for her to be a part of it. Life is beautiful, but the world is not so much. There are big differences between the two. The world is what we have built. It has turned out to be not a living space for all living but a factory for economy and thereby exploiting of others. Whilst life is nature, it’s what’s living, we’re a part of it. Though we of course have the choice to leave and indulge in worldly pleasures, the quick fixes and in the never ending hunt for success and fashions.

I don’t exclude feminists, I embrace differences, but. A big part of the many in feministic movements fight for equality and for a ”no gender society” has in their battle become lost and instead turned out to be the bully themselves. Harassing men and any other women who don’t share their point of view. And it’s sad.

I’m not a soldier, far from it I am a feminine, sweet, strong and independent woman who choose do depend and rely on my man. And life is not a battlefield, no… it’s a beautiful wonder when you see it with sound eyes. I say life, not world. The world though, will be a better place when we put down all our weapons and starts to embrace our differences and grow true equality that doesn’t exclude anyone no matter genders, or no gender. I won’t raise my daughter or sons to be feminists, I do not want them to live their lives in anger, in fear of men and in fear of diversity. I will raise them to stand for free choices and for equality.




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