Traditional appearance

Traditional gender roles, traditional appearances. Very dear to my heart. Dresses, skirts or suspenders and shirts. When I was 19 I first met my ex-husband, I by that time in life followed the bible as much as I possibly could and that of course included my choice of clothing. When he left me and the children I was 25, I felt both torn apart and free at the same time. A very confusing experience for a young woman. I had never been alone as an adult before and now I suddenly was, and with 3 children, totally on my own. I became disoriented. I looked everywhere. And after some years I understood what I since then had been searching for all that time while I was a single mother, it was my faith.

I was lost but now I’m found, I live under the wings of our Lord, reborn. In peace, and by my purpose every day. I will never return to the confused and superficial way of life that I’ve left behind. We’ve moved past and are now living within the light. For us it is the way.

Appearances, I find this subject so interesting! It’s told that ”you are what you eat”, I say you become what you surround your self with. I surround my self with love, love for the little things in life, and suddenly there’s beauty everywhere. In my first coffee in the morning, in my morning ritual, in the clean kitchen, in unpacking the bags after grocery shopping, in the way my children turn to me. In the rain and in the seeds that awakens in it. This all together makes life such a pleasant place.

I surround my self with edifying books, like minded wonderful friends, learning new sorts of crafts, feeding my family with home-made food, flowers, church, prayers. I practice decent language, and I consider simplicity, soft humility to be the best and greatest way of living. An attitude that give sparks to everyday life.

About clothes. I could choose t-shirt and jeans with holes or maybe a really sexy dress, I have dressed like that before. But now I choose not to. I embrace my femininity and I wear what emphasize my own way of it. I won’t try to fit every other womens taste and standing ground in to my own. And I don’t demand others to try to fit mine in to theirs. I respect others choices. I believe that’s a birthright. I have learned that when I dress with dignity, when I look my most soft and traditional feminine, people around me treat me with a gentleness that I never get otherwise. As other energies in life, it’s a giving & receiving. By natural instincts.

I see traditional roles just like that, the following of God given natural instincts. It’s not about being weak or belittled, it’s being whole. And I don’t want to be broken.

I wish you a pleasant and blessed Saturday!



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