The velvet armchair

The world is crazy when I take a glance at it! I’m off to needle work!

When I sit here in my own room, in my cozy corner, in the dark red velvet armchair and with only the little old lamp lit, I drift away in my own thoughts. The door is closed and the moment is mine alone. I try different colours and different patterns, I draw them by my self with a pencil on to the fabric. I choose a colour and start to paint the first flower, painting with threads thin like a daisy stalk. It’s so comforting to see the petals come to life under my hand.

My mind drifts away and I hear the rain outside my window.

I’m listening to Heavenly Minded Homeschool, the course ”Biblical womanhood”. It is so uplifting, and it feels like the woman speaking, is sitting right next to mee, I enjoy her company so much. I thank the Lord for giving me like minded sisters.

A couple of hours pass and I lay down my needlework on to my small bedside table. I put the cooking apron on and check on the Sunday roast in the oven. Time to set the table and prepare the desert ♥️

It’s Sunday and I love life


4 reaktioner på ”The velvet armchair

  1. I love rainy days and needlework. It is so relaxing and calming and working with all those colours can really lift you up. Have a beautiful Sunday Sol

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