Pure happiness

I work at my absolute best when our means are low. I cook the best food when I don’t have much at home. Some old apples and herbs makes the best stew and slowcooked chicken. When we have little I find so much more joy in making my home extra pretty. Flowers don’t cost a thing and nor do beaten carpets. A sponge cake has never tasted so good as it does when we don’t have ”anything” in the pantry.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and I love this chore. As I don’t drive I carry everything on my back, it’s heavy but that doesn’t matter. I live in a small village in the country and summertime I always take my shoes off on my way back home. Barefoot and with a backpack 🎒. That’s me, and if I’m lucky there’s rain pouring down from the sky, that always makes me so light at heart that I could dance my way home. Barefoot, in the rain. Enjoying the small things in life makes life so wonderful!

Today we’re off to to mainland to make our son a new ID at the police station, and I’m looking forward to the bus ride where I’ll be sitting next to my Mr and the window so I can see the beautiful landscape passing by.

He served me my first cuppa this morning, in my favourite Brittish china cup. I feel so pampered the days when he does this for me. If your husband/partner doesn’t do this by himself don’t be afraid of telling him how much you would love for him to do that ☕️

I’ve made my hair and morning devotions, I’ll change my house dress and wear my light blue, long dress and pearls today. I know he will like the way I look. And I’ve ironed the shirt he’s wearing. Dinner is already prepared and laundry started. What more could a girl possibly need?

I wish you a pleasant day too ♥️



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