In a world where we can be anything, why can’t we be traditional?

In a world where we can be anything why can’t we be traditional? Why can’t a man be provider of his own home? Why can’t a housewive and homemaker have the given right to bloom in loving care for her home and her family? It’s nowadays ok to go under the knife to change your sex, or to live your life as a no gender person. That’s not threatening. But being at home is, gravely! So what exactly is it that we’re threatening to? Can you name it? Is it to life? Or is it to the world? The answer is pretty clear. Without our differences there is no human life. But with our traditional/natural differences we’re threatening the world. The world that many has built. Who built life? And who built this world? It’s pretty clear. We can’t evolve in eternity, that’s not meant to be. That’s why the modern world is broken. It’s unnatural and it’s sad. We have enough for all of us to live out of. But as we give in and crave more, and then more, we drift further away from what’s life. We drift more and more in to the world. The world that’s being built by many. The more we evolve the more broken we become. There’s no solution to this big enough to change what’s happening. Not by our minds or our hands.

The world is at war in so many different aspects, and I’m talking out of my own standing ground. Why is it allowed to see love as a threat? Everyone knows love heals almost everything. We are now an open minded world but at the same time extremely discriminating when it comes to traditional point of views. Everything though that’s new and is being put under the word of love is demanding to be not only accepted but celebrated. Everything ”new” has been confused with ”evolving and enchancing”. As a human right.

What about the rest of us? We who feel and practice love in another way? We who want to live in peaceful traditional manner. We who do love by our hands the old ways. How is it that it has become ”normal” to stepping all over us like we’re waste? And to put so many of us in that samebin where the elderly people has been put and forgotten in. Were has the openmindedness gone? I can’t see it anywhere?

I am NOT alone, I’m a part of many other women and families that lives in peace, tranquility based on traditional house holding. We respect each other. We do not walk over others. We don’t speak evil. We take care of our loved ones and of others as much as we can. So why are we being laughed at? Why are we not enough in the eyes of the world? In this very sentence lies the answer. We’re not accepted by the world because we’re a part of life. Not of the world, that many has built.

New isn’t always best. Actually it most often turns out to be the worst. A part of the world that will never get enough. The part of the world that throws away inherited knowledge and replaces it with fashion. Fashion created on someones hunger for fame and richness.

There are two trains on our planet. The one where we sit in peace and we learn from our elders and by our timeless faith. And another train heading to the city where absurd evolving and money are God. They call themselves atheists or even religious. But money and absurd fashion is really what it’s all about in the end. The lust and from in the beginning natural need of safety and possibility to provide and in peace love. Has now jumped over the threshold, our human natural limit, stepped out of the home and gone gold digging. But reality is, we don’t need much and our planet is enough to giving us all a good life.

I think that we’ve passed the point where if we were about to make our own pride-festivals and demonstrations we’d end up laughed at and spit on. By the most ”openminded” of the world.

I say the way we can be accepted and at least live in peace is to not hide, but by our ways be good examples by our peaceful satisfaction, and the calm we carry as we’re free from the never ending hunger for ”better and new”.

Let’s be good examples without shame. Not by screaming but of inner light and peaceful minds. A life based on thankfulness and all the love that comes with it. Let your gratitude and your love-based light shine to be a light for those who are lost so they can find the same peace within themselves. Let God, the name of love, be the rain and us to be rings on the water.

Go in Love



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