My monthly allowance

Mr is the head of our home, I’m the heart. Our home and family, together makes the body. Mr works and I serve him with my warm care just as I do for our children. He on the other hand carries the responsability for which money goes where, included how much we spend on food each month. I though have the responsability of doing all of our grocery shopping and the meal planning. We’re not economically rich at all but we make the most of what we have and we’re doing great. As I often bake (both bread and) pastry at low costs we even have goodies to enjoy. Sometimes he smiles at me because I ask for him to give me less shopping money. Why do I do that you may wonder? Because, I work at my best when I have to really make effort. It’s so easy getting lost in fancy products and spontaneous cravings when you have more money than you need. I enjoy this challenge, and the feeling of having my own way of saving money for us to spend on other things that may give our family life a simple and enjoyable extra silver lining. For example visiting a café or paying an entrance to perhaps a museum or the royal garden. We all as well love strolling around in thrift shops so it’s nice to have some extra money for doing this more often than usually. Simple pleasures, in my world it’s what makes the world go around.

Just the other day Mr gave me a sweet treat, an extra allowance to buy myself something I’ve been wanting for a long time. A beautiful little makeup bag and an exquisite stationery that I’ll use writing letters to some new dear lady friends. My believe is that they like handwritten letters as much as I do.

I love being the homemaker, the housewife. I love the fact that I’m allowed to rely on him completely. That is a beautiful gift, in my world. And I love the fact that he doesn’t have to bother at all about things like if he’s shirts are ironed or not. And I love that he doesn’t question why I’ve prepared him his favourite drink and something small to eat that’s waiting for him when he comes home from work, already served on the tea cart. It’s the natural order and it’s also pure romance on it’s highest level. It delivers us both so much and doesn’t cost a thing. Our trust and the service I give him, and the one he’s giving me, continuosly light the spark that makes our love so deeply grounded.

In my point of view the key to a really beautiful relation is simple. To serve each other in daily life with an honest, simpel pleasure. What I wrote above is one way of how we two do this. And as for me, being feminine by his side brings out the absolute most masculine in him. It’s the circle of love. In our life.


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