Just a housewife

I woke up at 03 am, cleaned the kitchen, soaked lima beans for tomorrows dinner, boiled chick peas for my daughters hummus that she has wished for, did laundry, folding towels and changed the sheets. Fixed an old fabric I’ll use to cover the headboard to soften the look of it. Now a cup of coffee whilst doing that, and some listening to the Biblical Womanhood study by Lauri Alexander. The clock is now 4.30 am.

3 pm, and I’ve wrapped all the presents for my youngest son’s birthday. He turns 18 today. I’ve also drawed a nice card for him. I’ve organized my room, done more laundry, and laundry again. I’ve went grocery shopping (without a car), three different stores and to the police station to pick up my sons new ID. Then I went to the farmers market to buy fresh strawberries for his birthday cake. Walked the dog and made a delicious lunch for my birthday boy when he came home from work. Lit a candle for him and served a glass of chilled sparkling wine with ice and a strawberry.

Made my daughter lunch. Did more laundry, had todays first celebration (the second and big one will be att dinner when we’re all home) and cleaned the kitchen again after that. Then I went to the thrift store to buy some movies he wants to see. In that way I’m frugal as they cost only 1$ each. Instead of renting. I havn’t yet started my daughters laundry, I’m having a short rest. Mr will be arriving home in 90 minutes and I’ll welcome him with his favourite pear ice-cream and a chilled and sparkly vitamin drink. This will also be the time for starting to make the dinner. Roast. And the two different cakes, Strawberry & whipped cream, chocolate mousse& banana.

Well, just a housewife… how could we ever be important? Or having any work to do? ♥️


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