My serene housewifey morning

It’s early morning here in Sweden, I woke up at 4 am. The first thing I did before going out of bed was to pray and thank the lord for letting me wake up to one more day, and I’ve asked to be an even more patient woman.

I’ve made my bed, the coffee and myself ready for the day, the lunch box for Mr is out of the freezer. Today he’ll have potato mash, meatballs and a cream sauce with some red currant jam.

I’ve lit a dark red candle on my oak desk. A candle that I got as a beautiful gift from my friend Lydia, who is also a housewife and a mother but in England. Curtains still drawn in my room, and I’ll take a moment for myself in my velvet armchair, putting my feet up on a padded footstool and embroider on the tablecloth I’m working on. It’s a lovely hobby and way of spending some alone-time.

Today is Thursday and that means traditional soup day with pancakes for dessert. I’ve not yet decided what soup I’ll make but it’ll come to me. I’m happy as Mr works day shift which means we’ll have dinner together. I just love sitting down with him ♥️ but before I’ll start cooking I’ll go for a walk by the sea with our dog, to the little chapel and sit there for a while. Life is what you create and it’s easy to find happiness when we enjoy the little things. It makes beauty in almost everything.

I wish you a blessed day


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