The human mental health pandemic and the importance of housewives

Never have we had such wide acceptance of things, needs, behaviors, attitudes and in short, life choices. So why is it so incredibly hard to accept the fact that a lot of the feminine (and yes masculine too I now, though now the focus is on the opposite) population desires nothing higher than being a mother and a housewife committed to run the home for the sake of every ones well-being and absolute best? What’s left of a family when children at 1 year of age being placed in day care, the parents how many or few they may be, all goes to work? Even the dogs nowadays has day care in many cases. The home is completely empty all day long and when they finally return home they’re tired. No one has the energy to cook a proper meal so instead they heat up something bought and frozen. The child after a whole day spent with sometimes as many as 30 other children and just 4 or 5 adults, is being placed in front of the TV. The dinner is heated and often eaten in front of the TV as well. Many single parents work so hard, much too hard to being able to care for themselves and their children, I know as I’ve for a long time been one of them. Maybe the society’s work of creating more and more working possibilities isn’t the right solution? Maybe the right solution is to help parents in their own caring for their families? Don’t you think the high curve of mental illness would become cut down with plenty? Adults and people further down in age nowadays more and more often get burned out. That is nothing but a symptom. We talk a lot about animal rights, which is very important, too. My daughter is vegan so we’re both involved. What we less talk about in open though is the human rights in terms of the same. The right of living a life in their natural habitat, ecological and fulfilling. When I speak of human ecological living it is in the sense of natural human basic needs and behaviour, and what happens, in the (also natural) chain of reactions, when this is neglected.

When did the natural human behaviour as well as our needs change so radically that we now with any means fight for the right of NOT caring for our own children and family? When did our human instincts, hearts and souls become reduced to just economics? My father who is a doctor often talks about how society’s mental ill health is growing at an ever so fast pace. We’ve never had such huge mental illness before. Never have we had so many children and young adults being depressed, suicidal and in need of psychiatric care, as well as more and more psychoactive drugs. This is Such an enormous issue which we can never solve with any existing pill in the world. We are in critical need of having our human natural behaviour and rights returned to us. And not only in an accepted form but as being every ones priority. How can ever a society become healthy when the people in it are not? People and families are what a society is built on. A house built by fragile and worn bricks will never stand long. Instead of creating many fragile bricks we will have to change. A change which means fewer adults working outside of the home and more people caring for the family, woth the focus set at emotional health. Making money will never be more than just half the work. Everything else needs just the same attention. The same amount of time, or even more, spent for us to be well-balanced and healthy. We are human beings not economic terms and numbers. Economics are important but a humans own health is even more. If money really could buy happiness and solution to these matters, we would have a strong, safe, healthy and happy society. And that with a huge reduce of stress factors. Forsaking this will never ever work or be sustainable.

Psychological well-being and a financial possibility to keep a home shouldn’t be to separate things.

For sure ”one step back” in this important matter will actually mean two steps forward. I’ll continue to talk about this later on in the blog. Read more about whom I am: xx

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  1. 100% and I can truly say the best days of my life were when my mom stayed at home with us. Once we moved country and mom and dad both had to work, everything went a little wrong, but so blessed to have had so much time with her for the first 10 years ❤

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