Fennel bread with graham & oats

You’ll need:

• 50g yeast

• 1 tsp fennel

• 2,1 c luke warm water

• 0.35 c vegetable oil

• 0,70 c oats

• 1 tsp salt

3.2 c wheat flour

• 1 c graham flour

Do like this:

Dissolve the yeast in a bowl with the lukewarm water. Add the rest of the ingredients except half the amount of wheat flour. Mix it all well together and then you pour the remaining wheat into the mix and knead it well. About 10 minutes by machine or 20 by your hands. Let this dough rest under a cozy towel for about 40 minutes.

Divide the dough in two and fold them a couple of times to form beautiful loaves. Put these on an oven tray with a baking sheet. And again let them rise but for 25 minutes this time. Meanwhile set your oven to 482 f. When it’s time for the dough to go into the oven you sprinke them with flour and make a few cuts into the surface with a razorblade or a sharp knife, lower the temperature to 392 f and bake for 30 minutes.

And voilá!


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