Everyday wonders

We can never control life, but we can pray. Even for the little things, they’re what the bigger consists of. No matter how good of a housewife I am there are times, days and many days, where God reminds me of to be present in the moment. In every moment. Not a stressed ”have to be present” more of a ”holding the Lords hand whilst walking with Him” present. I’ve just had an intense week of practicing exactly this.

It’s 11 o clock and I’ve just had an early lunch consisting of the rye & sunflower seed bread that I made yesterday, eggs and a really strong cuppa coffee. Sitting in my armchair with the door closed, it’s alone-time. The recharging of batteries. I’m on top of things and I deserve some fun-time. This morning me and my oldest son Matteus participated in morning devotions at church and it was really the best way to start this day. There were 5 of us and it was so peaceful and reviving. I watched my son staying for a while talking to a friend in the congregation. I just savored the moment and will keep it in my heart, I’m so thankful that he has found his way and now gets to explore the great world which now lies before him in this, for him, now new world of wonder and blessed community.

It’s my father, Dr Benny’s, birthday. He lives 8 hours away from us and we can’t visit him, so I sent him a beautiful card and money specifically for a birthday cake 😊. I wrote that we will be there with him in our hearts when he has his traditional Swedish ”fika”. I miss him so much and wish we could be near… by Christmas, hopefully, by the grace of our Lord he will be able to travel and share that wonderful time of the year with us. I pray that we’ll all be together then, Amen

It smells so good in our house right now. Matteus will soon start school again, he studies to become a chef, and is now practicing his skills in our kitchen ☺️ it brings so much joy to me and Mr. It’s so good to see a child grow up and make his way in life. Whilst sitting here in my red velvet armchair filled with gratitude I’ll now turn on and listen to my favorite study ”Biblical Womanhood” by Lori Alexander, recorded by Heavenly Minded Homeschool on youtube. It’s time to pick up my embroidery and to drift away. It’s re loading time.

I wish you a wonderful day. xx


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