Barefoot in the rain

It’s so nice to grow older, I embrace my gray hairs and the inner calm that I’ve grown and my ability to love the little things in life, as today Saturday and I slept in. My daughter woke me up and asked me to go swim with her in the ocean as it was raining. We both love rain, and walking barefoot, so we packed our towels and walked down to the sea, so happy to finally have this summers first rain bath. The sea felt so warm against the skin and everywhere raindrops fell unto the surface of the water and made a magical noice. Another woman, a bit older than me, came and the three of us rejoiced in the water and rain ☺️. We float on our backs and every raindrop felt like a small hug to the skin.

On our way home (barefoot) we jumped in the water pools, yes I’m 43 and still does this on occations like this, we decided to take the longer way home by the most beautiful gardens. It’s our favourite way home from the beach.

Well at home I snuggled up in my velvet armchair, wrapped in my cardigan and blanket, and had my first coffee.

Now afternoon has come. I’ve prepared the dinner, Broccoli/cream soup. Easy, nutricious and delicious and for dessert an apple cake with lots of cinnamon. Now whilst listening to my son in the kitchen, making pickled red onions, it’s time for relax, some alone-time. I’ll watch a cozy movie and just refuel my batteries.

I’ve prayed a lot and thanked God for this wonderful calm day filled with so much love. I love you God



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