Surprising blessings in time’s of a pandemic

So much has happened last year, though the virus don’t affect my self particularly as I live in a rather small village and spend most of my time at home or in the nature. I have my two teenagers at home and only Mr goes to work and uses every precaution there is against Corona. What has affected me in a most is that every corner of our little home now feels over crowded, almost all the time. It demands a lot of energy for all of us to cope with this. I’m often tired and need a lot of rest, quiet alone-time has never been as important as it now has become. Our home is small but full of warmth and care, we have three rooms and one storage room that we’ve turned in to a small bedroom. We’re 4 more or less adults living here, and our oldest son comes over almost daily. Plus a cat and a dog :0)

We’re lucky to have a cottage to go to, it’s not that far and there’s a bus taking us all the way. I use it for recharging my self when energy is too low. I just pack my bag, take my dog and spend a few days in complete silence. Preparing small meals just for me, mostly salmon. Play with Denji, go for walks and just relax and sleep ♥️ I do this once or twice a month. This particular weekend though, Mr is there 😊 it’s nice to have more space and calm here at home now and then. In my world that is healthy. For us to have one person less for a few days, and for him to have all his time for only himself ♥️

The time I use to spend in the kitchen at home has reduced enormously. I’m not completely comfortable with that as I am rather old-fashioned, which means I do most of what I do by hand and from scratch. But I can’t keep up with that these days, I have surrendered a bit, I’ve lowered my standards and accepted that if I shall not be serving fast-food and similar, then I have to come to a functioning solution. First I was depressed because being traditional is such a big part of who I am. I have prayed a lot about this and suddenly I understood that what this housewife need is could be the mysterious thing they call ”Slow Cooker” 😅. So I got one for Christmas and boy did this change our home-life completely! I’ve gained much of my former energy back and realized that making a big batch for 2 days dinner isn’t my thing, as I truly long for and each day look forward to using this wondrous machine again!

One funny thing. An evening soon after I decided to wish for a Slow-cooker, I found my self thinking ”whatabout a rice cooker”? And NEVER have I imagined my self considering getting one! But as I actually am tired I pondered that maybe this could be something worth trying. I’m though very picky with my rice cooking. I make it the Peruvian way by first frying it in oil and garlic, them boiling it to perfection, with every rice grain separated from the other ones. Completely non-sticky. Well, next day I visited my favorite thrift shop and what do I find on a shelf right in front of my nose? A rice cooker! In mint condition, and still in its original box. I just smiled and said to God ”thank You, for letting me slow down and for giving me my own acceptance to do so”. I bought it, for about 10$. I’m thrilled as it cooks the rice perfectly by itself. The only thing I need to do is putting the rice, oil, salt water and garlic in and turning it on. After this I can do what I want as it turns itself of when the rice is ready.

Today I’m back and serving great meals for my loved ones the way that I want to. They’re so happy and I feel like the luckiest woman on earth! Today I’m making a Greek green lentils stew, a green salad, brown rice and greek yoghurt. Yes silver linings and blessings surely comes in many many ways 😊

Blessed be your day

Love to you from me xx

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  1. In the 1980’s, I had a friend from Vietnam. She said if she didn’t eat rice every day then she would long for it; she used an electric rice cooker!

    Meanwhile, we’ve ordered an electric bread maker. I don’t like American bread from a store. Swedish bread from their grocery stores is very good. Now I’m looking forward to eating good bread all the time. I can make bread by hand of course. However, when the pandemic started we couldn’t find flour in the stores. Lots of people in our mountain town know how to bake bread I assume.

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