Give oneself to The Lord

About one and a half year ago I started this blog to write about and share my thoughts on traditional gender roles and housewife/homemaker shores. About the same time I started my first ever instagram account. I had already joined several FB housewife groups. Throughout my social media journey I’ve had the privilige of getting to know likeminded wonderful ladies of which some I now call friends 💕 this I tell you fill my heart with true joy.

I could write what I’m about to write in so many insightful and beautiful ways but I think I’ll just say it in simple words.

Something I’ve never told anyone outside of my family, or written about until today. My almost lifelong calling for entering a monastic life and to become a sister. I do exchange letters with sisters from different monasterys. Something I appreciate a lot.

My children are now adults and there will come a day in the near future where they’ll have their own homes. There isn’t a day passing by where I don’t think about how it would be joining a monastic order and if I shall or shall not. Though, and this is important, I’m always a mom and I need to put that first even once my children has flewn out of our nest. Many women would probably say that this will be the time for me to fulfill my longing but I’m not so sure that would be the right choice.

The will of being a stay at home mother has not diminished. Though of course it has transformed as the children grows. And combining the two is of course impossible, as long as my children needs me. Though. I have now chosen to dedicate my life actively much more focused in different ways of deepening my relation with The Lord.

There’s no end to the constant flow of information about war, abuse, violence, porn (I detest that word), exploitation, fashion, hysteric TV-series, advertising and on goes the list. So I’ve taken a rather big step back from worldly matters and distance myself from distractions of the world. Some changes are easy to do while others are a much bigger challenge.

In my day to day life I strive to give as much love as I can, and I pray for those in need. I give what I can to others and manage my household on a minimum budget. Not different from many others.

All changes are not visible on the outside but take place inside in silence.

I retreat into a quiet life and conform to the will of God. Time is short, the world man built is collapsing whilst Life that God created is eternal. We’re now under intense birth pains. God’s words has not changed. It’s us who has to make the changes. In our lives. And that starts within one selves. Eternity is a very long time. And it’s written.

We shall not take a single day for granted.

I’ll minimize my engagements also on social media to only this. My diary. I know that you, my readers, are from many different countries around the world and in humility I pray my position will inspire some of you. To review wheither you do follow God with all of your heart or if there is something that you just like me will need to change.

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  1. I’ve often felt the same, I would love to live in spiritual community but I know my family needs me and that is currently my calling. How did you get to write to the sisters (I would love to do this)? I know you are seeking to minimise online time but I would recommend a YouTube video on Tiny Homes channel called Innermost House – it’s not specifically faith based but about a couple who live very simply in the woods in order to spend time in contemplation and I think you would like it.

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