Precious is the simplicity

Just an ordinary Friday here on the island. Started my day by cleaning the kitchen whilst morning coffee brewed. Took my cuppa, sat down in the velvet armchair in my reading corner and contemplated over a chapter or two in the book of revelation. 📖 ☕️ such a nice way to start a day all given by the Lord.

Mr Torbjörn is on holiday and we packed my picnic bag with tea, oatmilk and shortbread cookies and strolled down to the pond. Sat on a blanket and watched little baby kitten Dwight play as we fed the ducks. They know us well by now as we go there several times a week. Actually on occations they eat right out of our hands which is so cute!

~~We spent almost three hours outside together. A lovely day ~~

I’ve also done some grocery shopping and cooked a very easy delicious dinner. I’m on a very strict budget but are often able to create a lot by my small means ☺️. I used last falls mushrooms I had in the freezer and pan fried them with scharlottes and parsley, (both given by our church), schredded cabbage, soy and a little sugar. Mixed this with pasta (also given by our church). So very tasty and at almost no cost at all!

I’ve just said good night to all of my five beloved ones. Now it’s time for bed. Thank you Lord for gifting us with this gentle day. I’m so grateful. Amen.

Good night 🍂


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