Dear diary

First of absolutely all, thank you God for giving me the opportunity for a quiet morning of my own. With strong coffee and with my Bible ♥️

Life is really slow here, much different from when the children were small. Vide and I had a lovely stroll and picnic together with Mr Torbjörn & Dwight down by the ducks pond. Chai tea and gingerbread sponge cake on a blanket in the sun. And lots of feed for the birds. Our brave little friend came and ate directly from Vide’s hand 🦆

With both our and the ducks bellys full we continued our walk to the beautiful cemetery were we went into the chapel, lit candles and prayed.

My favourite place 💕

In the afternoon I made a simple pasta dinner and watched the movie ”The escape from Alcatraz” the kind of movie I can watch more than once. Clint Eastwood was so young back then.

Blinds pulled down, it’s bedtime. I thank God that I got this day with my loved ones and I pray to sleep a whole night since I havn’t had a full night since the beginning of June. And to wake up healthy to a new peaceful morning.

I am already longing for opening and reading the scripture together with my first cuppa coffee 📖☕️🙏🏼

Good night from the island of sun & wind xx


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